Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A misty and rainy morning

Even though Mother Nature has forgotten that it's technically May here in Cincinnati (Winter feels as if its just around the corner) I'm gearing for the next 6 months of waiting for baby, and so at least in my head its sunny! The past two or so weeks have been lovely, as my morning/afternoon/night nausea seems to have disappeared for the time being (stay away, stay away!). I have a bit more energy then I did due to not feeling sick + my daily 8 hours of sleep + daily walks and, starting tonight, prenatal yoga. I am one week away from my second trimester and I want to use this growing energy to get in shape for labor (and for me), eat a more rounded diet, and just enjoy the whole process.

Its been a little difficult (but also alot exciting) to mentally transition from the normal pre-pregnancy way I thought about my body and self image to accepting the reality that my body is changing and I am going to get bigger - bigger and heavier then I ever thought about being (while 25-35 pounds of expected weight gain is completely healthy for me its still a little scary). Ive been talking to myself a lot in my head lately and it usually sounds something like this:

" Ok. Deep breathes. Julia you are going to love your body, and all of the "wobbly bits" ( thank you Bridget Jones) that come along with whatever amazing and unique little person that is growing inside of you (how weird is it that you have a brain in your uterus, by the way). You are going to eat, think and be healthy and happy and positive. While there will be days where you feel less then beautiful, definitely grumpy and a little more then fat you have to accept that your body knows what its doing, and is doing it for a very good reason. Be patient with yourself, and let yourself feel however you do in the moment. You are beautiful and pregnant and just plain wonderful looking, and David thinks so too. Enjoy your growing body, and enjoy the next six or so months. Get ready for baby, get ready for being a mom, and just breathe."

So, rainy outside or no, in my mind its sunny and I cant wait to take myself and baby poolside in a month or so and just relax with a book and a glass of lemonade. How perfect :)

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rae said...

I think there is nothing as gorgeous as a pregnant woman! :) Of course I don't feel that way about myself, ;) but every other pregnant woman is beeeeautiful and glorious. :) you too!

Also one nice thing about this soon to be giant belly, it will be big and stretched tight and smooth, not wobbly/squishy/lumpy. :) Postpartum belly on the other hand, well, at least it doesn't last forever. ;)